Note to everyone - be sure that you label your chosen subject for your unit on all of your individual parts of the assignment - this should be included on the document itself as well as labeled on the WIKI. In other words - I or anyone else opening the document should not have to guess what subject the work is for!

Welcome to Our Wikispace for your Interdisciplinary Units

Recommended videos on using Wikispaces:
  1. Short Intro to Wikis Wikis in Plain English
  2. Beginner's tips Wikispaces Help
  3. Short videos Wikispaces Tours
  • There is a short video on uploading files and pictures that you might find helpful.

Each group's task is to creatively design a page to organize and share your group and individual work.
Post the following items to your page:
  1. Names of people in your group
  2. Your unit plan organizer
  3. Each person should post their individual portion of the assignment for their chosen subject. Be sure to organize the posts in a way that is attractive and easy to follow. A table can help with this.
  4. I'd suggest that you can add weblinks to your site as well, such as some of your favorite things that you found for the unit plan organizer and/or your individual assignment.
  5. Add pictures that apply directly to your unit
  • clip art
  • photos
  • copy and paste the covers of tradebooks that you might use in the unit
  • possibly a picture of the members of your group

The key is to have fun with it & make it your own!
Add a picture to "my account" in the dashboard at the top of the page that will show up as your icon in discussions, etc.